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A Beautiful Place to Live

Miami Shores is known as one of the top residential communities in Miami-Dade County, and for good reason. There are close to 4,000 single family homes, as well as a mix of apartments and condominiums nearer the water, and the architectural mix of styles represents those most associated with the Miami area.

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When the Shoreland Company founded the village in 1924 and planned “America’s Mediterranean”, wide streets were laid out such as Grand Concourse. Although it might seem fanciful today, the planners sought to emulate what they had just started on the Venetian Islands between downtown Miami and Miami Beach. Indeed four miles of inland waterways were planned!

Many of the earliest homes, including several on NE 96th. Street, show two story structures inspired by Italian influences, still other early homes are excellent examples of the Spanish Mediterranean style. Many of the apartments planned were never built (nor were the hotels once envisioned) but there is an excellent example of a multi story apartment classic at NE 96th. Street and NE 4th. Avenue.

Generally the closer to the Biscayne Bay, the larger and more costly the home. However there are many large and impressive houses west of Biscayne Boulevard, especially on NE 96th. Street, Grand Concourse, and adjoining the golf course. Additional styles of homes include many mid-century one story homes and there are hundreds of authentic examples of Miami Modern, or MiMo throughout the village.

Miami Shores has strict rules on home renovation and construction, following the most architecturally respected philosophies and with an eye towards palatable color harmony and safety considerations. Professional code enforcement officers have been known to visit home owners with courtesy tips on staying within code compliance. If you ever get one, don’t fret! You’ll have plenty of help understanding the process and time to react.

It has been said that the industry of Miami Shores is its’ homes. As a result, should you choose to move here, or want to sell your home someday, you will find many highly professional real estate industry staff here. Many of the most awarded and respected real estate professionals ply their trade in our village,

and there are also dozens of approved, certified, and very conscientious home improvement firms listed further in this Guide. They will show up when you call, and perform the work to your satisfaction. If you ever encounter any problems with one of our home industry Chamber members, please tell us.

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you drive or walk into our community from any direction. Miami Shores is a truly lovely residential community, that’s why we call it the “Village Beautiful”!